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One More for Greg Hughes!

Let’s go vote already, Iowa!

I voted today, and I got the sticker to prove it! It feels great, like a power surge jolting through the pituitary gland. The sensation approaches that feeling that comes from being in full control of your life, err, as well as one could imagine that feeling!

Linn County in Iowa has the voting process streamlined so well that it took me less than 20 minutes to register (as a new resident) and receive my ballot. Of course, I voted early. That’s a benefit we enjoy here in Iowa, one among a growing number of states that provide this valuable service. I would encourage all of my fellow Iowa citizens to take advantage of early voting to avoid the lines and the fray of Election Day.

Happy Voting!

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Your Vote is our Last Hope

We’ve come a long way, brother. Full circle, it might even seem. Several times.

Champions for voter rights have historically fought for the ability to vote freely and unfettered by the political interests of those having a direct influence on them.

The article at the link below relates an engaging account of the early days as voters exercised their rights, to the extent of fending off thugs at times. The story recounts the evolution of our voting system and the perpetual struggle to live up to the calling: “Are you not a man in the full vigor of manhood and strength?”

This is the Spirit of Democracy. Keep it alive!

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Greg’s Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor:

It’s time the Supreme Court stops protecting bad Judges that are totally incompetent.  These judges have Alzheimers, brain cancer, and have been caught sleeping at the bench!  Were these bad attorneys made into judges?

A man testifies to choking his wife during divorce court and the judge did nothing.

Man has daughter with an Amish lady at age 3 ½. The Amish community convinces her to come back and the Elders wanted the father to have nothing to do with his child.  For 3 ½ years he fought in Iowa court and still is unable to see his daughter! The lady moved to Wisconsin and the father petitioned there. The very first judge grants visitation.  Now, why didn’t Iowa do this?  Oh, money!  He spent an obscene amount to someIowa attorneys, and for what?

An Iraq Veteran was incarcerated for being behind in child support even after he got caught up.  60 days over $600.00.  How does this serve anyone?  Missouri Congressman Joe Walsh is $117,000 behind and he’s not in jail!  What’s wrong with this picture?

It’s time for an overhaul we must have accountability of our judicial system and judges.

With accountability disaster relief, DHS, and family Law would be greatly improved.  Other countries have started appointing common people as judges.  It really works.  Find out more at or call.

Braley and Lange will never address these problems.  This problem is costing you $1 Billion a year.

Greg Hughes for Congress
Chair, Iowa Child Support Advisory Committee for Iowa Supreme Court
Cedar Rapids

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Your vote is our last hope to make things right!

Cedar Rapids Activist

It’s up to us to elect liberty candidates. When our court system is more about profit than doing its job, we have a problem. The only way we can fix it is to get the right people into elected positions. Only we can fix this! Take responsibility for your liberty and get involved today!

Families are being torn apart by the system and the courts are 99.9% of the problem. You can’t make this stuff up. There are too many stories to list on this blog but I will share a couple!

The stories make are enough to make one cringe!

A Iraq Veteran, a victim of the economy was late making his payments to the Child Support and a judge put him in jail over it! How is someone supposed to get caught up on Child Support if they can’t work? To make matters worse the veteran got caught…

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