Greg’s Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor:

It’s time the Supreme Court stops protecting bad Judges that are totally incompetent.  These judges have Alzheimers, brain cancer, and have been caught sleeping at the bench!  Were these bad attorneys made into judges?

A man testifies to choking his wife during divorce court and the judge did nothing.

Man has daughter with an Amish lady at age 3 ½. The Amish community convinces her to come back and the Elders wanted the father to have nothing to do with his child.  For 3 ½ years he fought in Iowa court and still is unable to see his daughter! The lady moved to Wisconsin and the father petitioned there. The very first judge grants visitation.  Now, why didn’t Iowa do this?  Oh, money!  He spent an obscene amount to someIowa attorneys, and for what?

An Iraq Veteran was incarcerated for being behind in child support even after he got caught up.  60 days over $600.00.  How does this serve anyone?  Missouri Congressman Joe Walsh is $117,000 behind and he’s not in jail!  What’s wrong with this picture?

It’s time for an overhaul we must have accountability of our judicial system and judges.

With accountability disaster relief, DHS, and family Law would be greatly improved.  Other countries have started appointing common people as judges.  It really works.  Find out more at or call.

Braley and Lange will never address these problems.  This problem is costing you $1 Billion a year.

Greg Hughes for Congress
Chair, Iowa Child Support Advisory Committee for Iowa Supreme Court
Cedar Rapids

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