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Vote Here

Let’s go vote already, Iowa! I voted today, and I got the sticker to prove it! It feels great, like a power surge jolting through the pituitary gland. The sensation approaches that feeling that comes from being in full control … Continue reading

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Your Vote is our Last Hope

We’ve come a long way, brother. Full circle, it might even seem. Several times. Champions for voter rights have historically fought for the ability to vote freely and unfettered by the political interests of those having a direct influence on … Continue reading

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Greg’s Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: It’s time the Supreme Court stops protecting bad Judges that are totally incompetent.  These judges have Alzheimers, brain cancer, and have been caught sleeping at the bench!  Were these bad attorneys made into judges? Examples: A … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Cedar Rapids Activist:
It’s up to us to elect liberty candidates. When our court system is more about profit than doing its job, we have a problem. The only way we can fix it is to get…

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